​We are hopping to begin a program where we will provide memory boxes in the A&E department of hospitals.  Our memory boxes will be our way to help ease the suffering, by allowing parents/carers to create their own special and precious memories of their child.

No parent can ever imagine the pain and heart wrenching suffering they feel when being told that their baby has died. The shock and numbness is unimaginable and nothing can prepare you for the grief.  The boxes will guide parents through the initial steps of this tragedy and allow them to gather precious keepsakes and create a memory box, which will provide them with timeless memories.

Our goal is to provide bereavement boxes to parents who has suffered the tragic loss of a child. The boxes contain baby grows and blankets as often their clothing will have been removed and its important for parents to see their baby looking clean and cared for after such loss, a loving handmade blanket are provided to keep baby safe. Other items and vital information are included to help steer them through the next steps in the coming weeks. The box also contains items that aim to give parents a chance to create their most precious lasting memories.

An additional Jummy (soft toy elephant) will be provided for siblings in the hope they will find comfort in having the same toy left with their baby brother or sister.

What is the difference between a Bereavement and a Memory box
The box is just a container and is designed in such a way to be both the first step bereavement point and then be used to keep our lasting memories.

We hope that we have approached this delicate but important step in a way, not to offend but as a a parent who has gone through the darkness and wants to help. We do this by encouraging parents to make memories, each memory is truly important; even the smallest gesture can mean the world. A Memory Box is often described as a parent’s most treasured possession.

You don't die from a broken heart, you only wish you did