Gift of GIVING

Items that can be gifted and given to others are taking the first steps into their new norm

When the program begins, we hold to provide an unique service that allow patrons, friends and families to help bring much needed hope to others.  Many of us will try and go through life, just holding on to the world as it hurtle around, its not till your very reason for being is snacked away, that you realise that the world will continue to turn. The things we do for yourself are gone before we turn to sand, but the things we do for others become a legend.

The Greatest gifts are not wrapped in paper but with Love.

By gifting a Memory Box to parents and treating their baby as an individual you are helping to break the fear and taboo that can be associated with SIDS and other childhood deaths. Parents will never forget being encouraged and empowered to create their Memory Box; to be supported in making their baby’s imprints, for them to choose and cut where the wisp of hair comes from. You are helping to create the most precious memories which will be remembered each time the box is opened, and treasured for a lifetime.

Our Memory Boxes are donated to hospitals and hospices so they can then be gifted to parents. Each Memory Box will arrive fully made up and sealed. Every Memory Box is made up by volunteer and prepared with care and attention.

You don't die from a broken heart, you only wish you did