Our Little Saint George

Unlike the story, our baby George didn't slay any dragons or fight the tyranny of the great Roman empire, but instead our darling prince melted our hearts giving us hope and joy. His life may of been short but his legacy will live on in our hearts. George arrived early giving the family an extra week to love him, on the day he past away he also smiled for the first time letting his mum and myself know things will be fine. George has completely changed our perception of life, he has taught us the value of family and friends, and to never take anyone, or anything for granted. He brought our family together, he has shown us a love which is greater then any we have ever experienced, the u

St George's Day

A great cloud of darkness was in my heart today. It was a day I was dreading, I built it up in my mind, it was the day that was meant to be George’s corners inquest. A few weeks ago, we was informed by the corner’s liaison officer that the corner didn’t feel we needed to put ourself through the public process and closed the case, recording SIDS as the cores. Our day started with a mass at St Cuthbert’s church, the sun shone as we walked, the year four class came to read and said prayers for our baby. I lit candle and shared a tear of two. Later we needed to register our baby’s death. It was such a cold and empty process with little or no meaning, the last time I was at the office was to reg

Every Day, I Think Of You My Darling Little Man

Every morning when I wake up and every night when I close my eyes, I think of my little Saint George and what could have been. One day we will be together again but until that day arrive I sill spend my time looking after mummy, your brothers and sisters. So sleep tight my sweet knight xx

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