Marching through the months

Another month coming to an end, I have not completed many of the things I have wanted to put in place by now. I have a million ideas to help others and don't know how to put them in motion, fingers crossed I will find a way in the next few months..

Birthday week

Got up and all I really wanted was to hold my little by in my arms, I know I have the love of the other children and of cause they all make me happy and my world, this doesn't mean I love one more than another just that I wish our family to be complete. How many other understand what I mean? It hard to put into words and without making it sound wrong!

Missing him to the moon and back

Nothing can every replace George, and how could it. Our little boy gave us hope, joy and happiness. Each day we spent together was a blessing and we was so lucky to be with him. I should snap out of this self sorrow and know that our baby with wings is always in our heart and with light our path through the darkness The next few month I will be try hard to be the person George would of wanted me to be, I will grow in strength each day and keep our baby's spirit alive. Always missing my little boy

Night sky full of stars

Feeling a little down once more, we are coming up to the anniversary of my mothers death, I know she never got over our baby George's passing, and this also come with regret and sadness, George life was short and we fulled it full of love. Each day without him is a task, only families who has babies/children with wings truly understand the loss. My mothers loss one of my brothers to SANDS and her mother also loss babies to both SIDS and SANDS. Are we cursed as a family? I know we're not but I so many times ask why? He was a beautiful and perfect baby, he completed our live but now we are only left with memories and all the could of been.

Second display planned

Yesterday I took down the display, only to find that visitors has cam thought on the last day to see it. I has arranged for another month around June to show off the work again, I may mixed it up slightly but many of the piece will still be there. Thanks once again

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