Haven for Our Baby Angels

One of the things I want to explore, is having a haven away from it all. I want to find a local place where death isn’t all around but instead of this, a place of tranquil solitude and peaceful surroundings. Somewhere we can feel close to our cherish children and babies without the reminder of gravestones and burials. Its a very simple idea of a place to call our own that people from all walks of life could feel at peace.

This place should also allow events to be held without worries of bustling traffic and where parents would feel safe to bring young children without worries. It sounds corny but I wish for trees and grass, stone walls and walks along gravel paths edged by memorial stones and wild flowers.

Since losing George, I been wanting to find a place were I could sit and just think without the worries of everyday life or even to plan a picnic, taking the family for long walks in beautiful surroundings.

This may seem like a lofty idea or even a pipe dream but all this could be possible, it just needs other people to share in the same idea, bring in their skills and experience. 

If you want to help or have any ideas on what to do next, I would be grateful of any feed back CONTACT US


You don't die from a broken heart, you only wish you did