Each Accident and Emergency Department in the north West should have somewhere where loved ones can wait for news. If a family loses their loved one there should be somewhere set aside for the family to sit to say their final goodbyes. This is where the bereavement process starts and its the little things in years to come and the beginning of the journey which will make a difference.

No parent can ever imagine the pain and heart wrenching suffering they feel when being told that their baby has died. The shock and numbness is unimaginable and nothing can prepare you for the grief.  The suite give parents the opportunity to grieve in a relaxing and caring environment.

Our scheme would provides a complete modification and revitalization of the route to and the bereavement suite itself. the walkway in between the buildings has become a private memorable journey created through the use of a simple palette of natural textural materials, juxtaposed to create a flowing, restful environment. the redesigned waiting room leads directly out into a private courtyard with feature timber bench, galvanised planter bay with bamboo and a small low level water feature. a sculptural timber wall behind the planting creates an organic tactile feel. the interior is simple, fresh and contemporary with natural materials and high quality furnishings and lighting. this palette is followed through to the viewing room.


Such schemes been implemented :


We have re-furbished suites:

You don't die from a broken heart, you only wish you did