What is The Next Step Project?

As we navigated through the perils of what to do next, we encountered and handle difficult situations from a fragmented system, solving the simplest of issues and tasks that came our way.  Our bereavement councillor helped us through this difficult path, in doing so, we all found ways to help others to developed long lasting solutions to problems, so others wouldn’t have to suffer the same traumas of unimportant red tape and the uncomfortable silences of officialdom. We wanted to do more.


The project aim is to provide a support network that allows parents, carers or anyone involved to greave without the worries of official red tape, The project hopes will guide you through choosing the best available combination of services to support you through this difficult time.

We will be looking at working with trained counsellors so a service can be offered to bereaved parents if required.

While a number of charities and organisations currently provide these services and mostly are very good, it is not the normal around the country, I hope to centralised support to allow a single first step help while keeping the individual care that organisations pride themselves on giving.

What we need to do, I am only one small voice in a sea of many, we need to become many voices with a single goal, to improved services for SIDS, not just the best in our area but a flagship of other counties.

We are currently looking to the commercial sector to become partners. 


A brief outline of the efforts we are currently making to provide memory boxes in the A&E department across the Fylde for families at there time of need.


Cover the joint venture and steps we are trying to make by providing much needed environment for families and professionals at this most emotional time.


This section show how we are working closely with other bereavement group to provide support groups for families need, for now and in the future.


You don't die from a broken heart, you only wish you did