Since my angel baby went to heaven, I felt that I have lost my way in life.  It was only due to help and advice that has kept me from going insane. In the initial stages, we found help from a local bereavement group, who allowed us to move forward.

I was lucky to have a loving wife and a supportive family in my darkest of hours, with a professional on standby for when times just got to much to handle. 
Since we have become stronger and have moved into a better place, I felt it was time to help others. We did this by raising funds and giving to other charities who could give a professional help and support, as well as researching the issues.  Visit link

On one of the visits to Snowdrop, the councilor revealed that she wanted to find a way of starting a fathers group, as there were nothing available in the area, this laid the seed and I looked at ways of setting one up, the format couldn’t be of a group of men sitting around chatting in a hall, this wouldn’t have worked for me and I would of run a mile just thinking about turning up.

With the retirement of the Snowdrop bereavement nurse and councilor, I knew we needed a solution. This was helped when I received a call from Snowdrop, I was asked if I would like to have an informal chat, this was a perfect opportunity to share ideas and thoughts.

The idea grew, and several meetings later, both Snowdrop and ourselves came up with a workable plan. We was hoping to setup a number of groups, primely it was more of a social gathering for fathers, where we aim to work on causes rather than just talk in a circle of chairs, if we wanted to chat and share our feelings, that is welcomed, but not essential.

The group became groups; dads only and families friendly sessions, social gatherings and individual goals and tranquil past times, all the activities to bond new friendships for people who has suffered the turmoil of child loss.  
We are currently working out all the kinks, talking to a focus group to brainstorm all our ideas before publishing a list of available groups. 

These are not professional counseling groups, they are run by volunteers and bereaved parents who have gone through the loss of a baby and ready to support you.