I found this on the net 

"Grief is learning to live

with someone in your

heart instead of 

your arms" 

We miss our baby angels each and everyday

How things change, each year move on like the endless ticking of time. As a parent of angel, I know somethings always remind static, such the love you have for our child. 

"I wake up and live each day wondering how I will get through it, then I remember that y...

Father’s day is and always will be an emotional time for ‘dads with angels’, many of us have living children and try to keep it normal for them, some are separated and are unable to see their loved ones and the few dads who have not any other children but instead only...

Since George passed away, I knew I needed to do something for him but wasn't sure what. I toyed with an idea of doing things in his name but didn’t know how to implement this or even whether it was a good idea.

So many things I did in the past and didn’t talk about it o...

Nothing in the world can come close to the feeling of loss of a child.  The guilt you hold in your heart for all those lost tomorrow burns deeper than a knife. Even three and a half years on I still live the event and wish I could have done something different or knew...

As the passing of time tick ever closer to the darkness, all our efforts seem to have less and less effect on the world around us. I want to keep my sons name alive but I never seem to be herd, I feel I have become silence in a crowd of a million faces.

On this St George's day, spare a moment and think of our baby George and all the other babies who pass away from SIDS, leaving their parents to soon.

As life pass us by and things around change and grow older, there is always a part of us that never age and that is all our babies with wings are in our hearts and mind, only our love for them grow without conditions.