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As a family, we coped with the everyday issues and the officialdom surrounding child loss. We didn’t find it an easy path or even a clear one, we just seemed to get on with it. One of the things we did come across was that SIDS and other childhood loss was a taboo, an unspoken epidemic that allow the problem to be brushed under the rug.

As for us, we never got a why, we only had SIDS. I never will know if being told he passed away from something is any worse than the hell of not knowing, that he passed away with no reason, no warning and no factors, he just forgot to breathe. I blame myself and had a million questions which will never be answered.

We slowly got on with our lives, always wishing for more. We began meeting people, who shared in our very personal quest for answers and it was this quest that lead us in the direction of trying to help others and make small change to ease suffering.



On the 12 October 2016, we received a call from Antoinette Sandbach's office, asking if we would allow George’s story to be read out in a debate on baby loss in the House of Commands the following day.  At first we questioned ourselves, if we where ready as his life was so personal and we had so many of our feelings laying bear for the world to see. We soon came to the conclusion that it was a perfect platform and were delighted to allow his story to be told, and hoped in some way his short life would leave others with hope.

Antoinette delivered an emotional and heartfelt debate, her speech about losing our darling baby boy, George. Which can be viewed here

The government has subsequently pledged their support to reduce the numbers of babies lost each year and to tackle the issues surrounding baby loss including improved maternity care and bereavement support for those families who have suffered the loss of a child.

The event also saw the launch of ‘Beyond Awareness to Action: Tackling baby loss in the UK’. which sets out the APPG goals for preventing and reducing baby loss, as well as improving the quality of bereavement care and support offered to parents.

For further information on the All Party Parliamentary Group on Baby Loss please see the Secretariat for the Group which can be viewed here

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