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When George unfolded his wings, and went to live with the other baby angels, my life changed overnight. Each day I found myself dying inside. I felt I had no reason to carry on and I would have given up life itself. The only things stopping me doing something silly was knowing that my wife and children was suffering and needed me. 

As the days turned into weeks, I knew I needed to do something to keep his spirit alive, one of the ways I did this was by taking small steps. As George, would have grown, he would have left his mark, I took on myself and would encourage other to do the same. George would have taken his first step so I will run a marathon, he would have begun to swim, I will swim a lake, he would have peddled his bike, I will ride for him and raise money in his name.

Doing it for your very own special someone.
When you experience the loss of a baby, whether that be during pregnancy, at birth or in infancy, a natural desire is to not only remember that child, but to do something that will allow your child to be remembered by others; to ensure that their loss is not forgotten and in fact makes a difference.


There are so many ways in which you can get involved with ‘Doing It For GEORGE small steps', from giving time as a volunteer to making us your charity of the year.


We have lots of ways that you can get involved and raise money from sporting events to bake sales.


Find out about our campaign activities to keep sudden infant death on the public agenda.


Join our team of volunteers at an event, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved

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