Have I got your attention?



A few months ago, I was just doing a little bit of work on the ‘Doing It For George’ website, when a little ladybird landed on the screen, it was quite unseasonal and just another one of those ‘little signs from a love one’ that makes you want to believe that our baby with wings is reaching out.


From time to time I find signs, it might be a single white feather lying on the floor, a ladybird landing on my work or a butterfly flapping its wings on a cold winters day. Are these signs or just my imagination? 


Only parents of a child with wings understands the immense bond you feel and how this doesn't end after they leave the physical world. Our loved ones are still active in our lives, so why not signs? You might see our loved one in your mind’s eye, smell a familiar odor, see them in your dreams or feel their presence where ever you go or even see little symbols that are left for you to find. 


I have tried to be rational but these little signs just seam to appear when you least expect them, they pick you up when your down. I was walking to George’s graveside only to find a ladybird walking across his headstone, you may think nothing strange in that but it was his birthday and in the middle of winter. Another time, I was running on the sand hills, close to our home, only to find a single bright orange flower growing on an empty beach, again they could be a very simple explanation.



What are the signs? Is it a coincidence or synchronicity?


Are we receiving a symbolic message? Should we take it with a pinch of salt and choose not to believe? I guess the simple answer is that its up to each person to decide for themselves.


I have often wondered about signs, are they a willingness to believe, a wishful dream or just a byproduct of eating something the night before? Even when I take these factors into consideration, I still choose to believe. 



Have I received a message from my angel?


If you are reading this article and wanting to know if you have receive a sign or unsure what to look for, I have highlighted a few of the most common signs along with a possible meaning, I hope this may help in your search.


It is easy to underestimate how clever angels can be, or have you ever really seen what is around us? Have you ever just court a glimpse of something in the corner of your eye? They could be many signs that we just over look or just dismiss without question.  My father always looked out of his bedroom window in time to see the first glimmer of sunlight passing between the trees, each day he remarked “How his Joyce is smiling on him,” his faith was remarkable, even when he passed away he knew that his wife was waiting for him.


White Feathers are perhaps one of the most well-known signs, and is thought to be a sign of faith and protection. It is said that when angels flap their wings they leave a ‘calling card.’ This is a reminder that our angels are safe and well, and are with us when we need them and will watch over us daily.


Coins are said to hold a special Celestial meaning and it is generally thought that the expression ‘pennies from heaven’ originally came from this sign! The coins are left to console and reassure the finder. The coins are said to be tossed by our angels to make a smile out of a frown.


Stones and pebbles can also be placed for you to find. Have you every walked on the beach or along a country path, only to find an odd shaped stone, on closer inspection the shape of the stone will have a much deeper meaning to you. The symbolic meaning are normally personal to the finder.


When you lose someone that is your world and is so intwined in your every being, you may find that butterflies are unexpectedly attracted to your being, it will flap its wings and may even land on you. For us we had a black and red butterfly who just kept appearing, always watching over us and letting us know our beautiful little boy is ok. 


Ladybirds are another colourful insect that seem to be a link to the Celestial plain. Spiritually they represent a childlike nature or a playful spirit.  The visit is meant to indicate that you have a blessing or that our loved one is fine and wants you to let go of unwanted feelings. 


Birds, such as swallows and martins are small but powerful, they symbolise joy, simplicity and protection, they fly high to signify that they are God’s messenger. While birds such as doves are often depicted as hope and a saved soul, the role as spirit messenger, maternal symbol and liaison impact an inner peace. Other birds such as robins represent freedom and perspective, these can also signify a visit from loved ones. The nature of the seasonal birds returning year after year, brings hope and reassurance. 


Sometimes it is only a feeling or a sense of being touched, this is likely to be subtle and either feel like a soft brush on your neck, a gentle tingling along your arms or a shiver down your spine. On one occasion, I remember, I was just daydreaming on a sunny summers day, where I felt a soft breeze blowing along my shoulder and into my ear. Was this a kiss from my baby angel? Is that a sign that he is happy?   


Sometimes its a scent that reminds us of our loss and for me it is the faint oder of stale baby milk, I know that this sounds a little daft but if a particular fragrance or smell makes you think of them why not believe it is from our loved one. The appearance of angels are linked with smell and are rumored to leave a floral trail in the area visited. 


Dreams can also be a sign, these are normally more vivid than your regular dreams, you feel you could even take something with you when you wake. These dreams would remain in your mind longer and feel fresher.


I have never been deeply religious or even believed in things going bump in the night, but I tried to look at things with an open mind.  No matter how rational you are, you see signs and for me, it brings a smile to my heart thinking that he is there. 

You don't die from a broken heart, you only wish you did