Debate in the House of Commons

A day after the big debate in the House of Commons, and to say I felt a little odd. The call out of the blue from Antoinette Sandbach MP office asking for permission to use his story, made me proud that George isn’t forgot and some good may arise from such tragedy, the knowing my little boy’s story has touch the heart of others and the knowing that I am not alone. Mothers and Fathers around the world also fell the hurt and devastation effect of child loss. I sat and watch the debate and listened to our story being told, hearing the words being read out from another voice, knowing the suffering they also went through, I felt humbled that someone has not only read our story but also recognised the pain that a parent of child lose brings.

Antoinette shown real courage to share her felling and to shout from the roof tops that something is wrong and needs to be done, but also bringing SIDs, SANDs and other child loss into people’s faces, making them listen and making them change. I watch others share their inner most felling, showing that our baby angels have a voice in the living world and it is no longer a whisper but growing in strength.

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