new look, new ....

Been working on what is needed for our group to move forward, one of the first thing is to relook at the website, some of it is just tidy the site up and some is going over raw emotions. Even after all this time, looking back feels so hard, losing George has left a hole in my heart which I could or never want to fill.

follow up

I had a follow up meeting with the snowdrop centre about a few ideas, from this I am hoping to start a father group where we will meet up and do something constructive. I have never liked the idea of just sitting in a circle and chatting, people heal at differing times and don't like sharing with the world like an AA meeting.

Keeping Positive

The run had a positive affect, I felt that George would of been cheering me on. During the build up and since I find little white feathers, always one on it own, a little white feather that reinsure, a little white feather that give me faith and the belief that my little angel Is with us in our hearts.

The Great North

Morning of the great north run, had breakfast and walked to the start. As I was sitting alone on the bank, I listened to some of the stories from runners that was blasting over the radio, One of the stories brought a tear to my eyes, a young runner came over and asked if I was ok as I looked very upset, that bloody mask we all use instantly appeared and the pleasantries of manors said "I'm fine, no nothing wrong", everything not fine, the world Is out of kilter and our babies with wings are not at our side. The day before, Ed rain the junior great north, this year we didn't look for sponsors as last year he felt the pressure of running in George's name,

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