How easy some people forget or say the most stupid of things, sometimes you loss total faith in others. I know this sound like I'm tarring everyone with the same brush or allowing small minded people to get the better or me, but it hard not to. I always tried to think of others and help if i could but I feel 'why should I'. Maybe I should stop and go through life thinking about number one I should feel like this as my family come first and we all have to make some hard decision on what to do next.

SIDS blues

This week is full of ups and downs, George is alway in my mind even so I don't always talk about him, I now get on with life and remember him in my own special ways. This week more than most I seem to be coming across photos and other keepsake, i don't know what it or if it just one of those coinserdent that will plague us for the rest of our lives.

wave of Light

Today we remember all the 1 in 4 who has lost a child, tonight we light a candle so we don't forget. Today makes the end of child loss week and instead of shedding our tears, we celebrate all our baby angel in a wave of light across the world.


Time doesn't heal or make you forget, each day may make you stronger and able to coup with what install but I still have so many regrets of our missing tomorrows. I have many things in life to be proud of and many good times to look forward to but each one will have sadness as I know George isn't there. My family is at times the only thing that is stopping me falling into the endless pit of darkness and keeping my sole from being over welded from self pity.

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