Is it genetics? Is it Fate? Why don't we know?

After all the research, why are we no closer to finding out? I am sick of reading conflicting reports on what it could be? Each year another report that totally disagree with last great revaluation. One in four is that magic number, 1 in 4 lost tomorrows, only sorrows and tears for our futures. Looking back on my family ancestry, my mother had 10 brothers and sisters but only 3 of them serviced into adulthood, my father also lost his brother in childhood

Love is Forever

When we lost our baby George, we never thought we could live again, each day we grow stronger and stronger, this isn't to say that we forgot him, we just learnt to coup with our new nurm. We was lucky that we had the support from our family, both our families had the tragedy of child loss, either SIDS and SANDS

It Is Just So

Have you ever wondered why? Is it just me or do some people seem to have more yang than ying? Why do life give you sunshine, only to s hoot you down when you reach for the stars. We spend our time looking at the clock waiting for the minutes to tick away until the vail of darkness engulfs our very being, some of us live our very personal hell each day, wishing if only, what if? Could I .....

Not much of an independent

This is not an independents day for all the families who have lost a child, but instead we spend each day battling the devastating aftermath caused by SIDS. Some of us stand proud and coup better than others, finding ways to help, finding ways to care. Some will get on with their lives, trying to fill the empty void that is left, maybe living for others in the family or maybe just living. Some find each day a mystery of what the coming hours will hold for them, not knowing when you will be up or down, and some are in a turmoil, not moving on, never moving forwards. What ever we are, how ever we suffer, we all share the total and unescapable feeling child loss brings to out lives.

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