As the passing of time tick ever closer to the darkness, all our efforts seem to have less and less effect on the world around us. I want to keep my sons name alive but I never seem to be herd, I feel I have become silence in a crowd of a million faces.

St Georges day

On this St George's day, spare a moment and think of our baby George and all the other babies who pass away from SIDS, leaving their parents to soon.


As life pass us by and things around change and grow older, there is always a part of us that never age and that is all our babies with wings are in our hearts and mind, only our love for them grow without conditions.

Why do we feel the way we do

Why do you feel so alone, even if the room is over flowing with people? Why do you no longer have the same connection with friends? Is losing a child so hard for everyone? I feel my life is in turmoil, and I hind behind that false smile daily, it now second nature. The simplest of question have no meaning ‘How are you feeling?, I hear myself say ‘fine’, ‘ok’ or another benign answer. The truth is we are not fine, each day we get out of bed and breath.

Life is like a Fairground

Why is life like a fairground? Some days you feel like you are riding a roller coaster, you feel your head is in the clouds, ever moving higher and higher, only to be followed by a massive drop, each time you reach the bottom you never quite get back to the level you once was at, every time you try to get back and you repeatedly drop again. Maybe a halter-skelter is more true, you just keep going down and down, never quite stopping and never able to get off, all you see is the world slipping away. Could your life be more like a ghost train, were everything around you feels full of darkness and with no escape, around each and every corner there are more shocks and scares, no let up and no way


I'm hoping to have news about some of artwork used in the Snowdrop & Teardrops exhibition, if everything go week I will post details on as soon as it is confirmed.

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