November at a End

This is a funny month for us, this should be a time for rejoicing but instead I start feeling the downward spiral of darkness. Only the few who join the club, we never got voted in and we never asked to join, we lost a child and became members of his heart wrenching group, it is up to us to find our feeling and choose our paths.


I’m starting to get a little worry about our art project, i have a number of pieces of work finished a few out standing, and two large ones, that not yet off the drawing board. I'm sure it will be ready on time, but while I'm in this down state,it quite hard to get motivated. In the second gallery I'm not sure how they're getting on, I am getting very little feed back, I have sent texts but not only a few replies. I maybe unnecessarily worrying and they may have lots on. I know I have plenty to put in my half of the gallery and at a pitch I could fill the other side as well. If it meant to be....

Sadness and Hopelessness

This feeling of sadness want go away, it always there, hiding in the corner, just waiting to jump out when I least expect it. I think knowing things need to change and being able to make them change can be worlds apart. #SIDS #Hopelessness #ChildLoss

So Sad...

This month should be full of joy and happiness with our anniversary and both my wife and Georges birthday, but I do feel sadness thinking what should have been. Each year tick by and George is not here to open his presents and enjoy the day with his family. We are trapped in this ever lasting moment of should have been. It’s hard, It’s sad, it feel impossible to let go and live again. #SIDS #ChildLoss #RedLetterDay #Hopelessness

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