I'm doing fine

I could lie and say I’m doing fine, I could hide behind my smile and tell the world thats things are ok, each day that passes since George past away, I find a million more reasons why I miss him and a million more why he left our side. It still doesn’t make any sense and truly not fair, even being told by a tearful consultant that he was a healthy and beautiful baby boy who just forgot to breathe, only added to the frustration that losing our baby angel to SIDs will cause. In many ways, we were so lucky to have baby George and to be given the gift of spending time in the living world with him, this also leads to bitterness knowing that we will never watch him grow or spend any more time with

One week on

One week on from the run and for a moment stings are going smooth, not normal but our new norm. Since George past away we or should I say “in your name” have raised a good amount of money, where we been able to give it to charities. Some people go through life without a murmur and barely making footprints in the sand while other leave a hole in everyone’s life. Our George’s short life has in some small way touch the hearts and sole of so many people. No-one really understand the pain of bereaved parent goes through and no-one should. We miss George every minute of every day

The Great North Run

Tomorrow I will be competing in the Great North, I am running to keep George’s memory alive and hopefully raise awareness of SIDs. I will never forget my little baby boy and still I find it hard to understand why.

The Great North Run

Getting ready for the off. We are going across to Newcastle where Ed, George’s brother is running in the junior Great North this Saturday and I will be running the day after in the Great North. We are doing to give awareness of SIDs while keeping George’s name alive. We went to hell and back when George passed away and still are.

Just Things

Things that remind you, last night at work I came across an item of clothing, it was a little baby’s romper suit about the same size and coloured strips that my baby George was wearing the day he passed away, the rest of the night I just couldn’t get rid of the image of George’s clothes after being returned to us, it was all cut up.from where the emergency staff tried in vail to bring our baby boy back. When I close my eyes days later I can still see them days later, these little things still haunt us each and every day. George we miss you so much and will never get over the hurt of your loss. I wish that life gave us a reason why by sometimes life isn’t fair. Night my sweet little man

The Great North

In less than a week, Ed will be giving his all by running in ‘The Junior Great North’ while I will be competing in the ‘The Great North Run, road race in George’s memory. Eddie lost his brother 19 months ago and wanted to do something special while raising much needed funds. We have set up an on-line donation account with Just Giving and would like to say a big thank you to those who has already giving toward our chosen charity. www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Eddie-Lee-Loy Text LOYS50 £5 to 70070

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