Snowdrops and TEARDROPS

Next week until the exhibition is open to the public, Snowdrop and Teardrops explore the taboo of silence surrounding SIDS. hopefully it will have a good feedback and opening day. All done my end now and hopefully last visit to the galleries before the day


A small set back in the second gallery, I found out this week that one of the key installations that was going to take centre stage will not be ready due to lack of support, we have only the shortest of time before we open to the public, I have no extra time to produce work for the second gallery wall space. If I would of known a few weeks ago but instead it this is a total shame as the area has been given up to help raise another local charity present in the community. never mind, all I can do is make sure our our side of the gallery is good and hope that the south side is completed on time.

Work going up early

This week I have gone into the Solaris, as they asked if I could place some of my artwork in the north gallery a month earlier. I will take the advantage of this offer, giving the best possible and take my time and put artwork in place per-display while arranging to meet up with the charity which we will be collaborating with a few SIDS installations.

Three years ago my life changed

Today marks the worst day of mine and my wife life, our baby past away and nothing we could of done would of changed it, this doesn't however stop me from self blame and wishing for a change to go back in time. That little boy changed me in so many ways, only bereaved parents will under stand the pain we live daily. I will not say much today and sign off saying bye, bye my baby boy boy, daddy miss you daily and dream for the day when we hold you in my aims once more.

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