Fathers Day

Father’s day is and always will be an emotional time for ‘dads with angels’, many of us have living children and try to keep it normal for them, some are separated and are unable to see their loved ones and the few dads who have not any other children but instead only have hurt, you’re not alone. In most societies we are conditioned that ‘big boys don’t cry’ or we need to be strong, whiled in our hearts we know something very important in our lives is missing, never a day goes by without us thinking about them or the endless questions of what would of been. Yesterday, as I sat on the sofa recovering from a long run, I noticed a face in the ruffles of the curtains, I’m not saying I’m a conver

As days pass

Since George passed away, I knew I needed to do something for him but wasn't sure what. I toyed with an idea of doing things in his name but didn’t know how to implement this or even whether it was a good idea. So many things I did in the past and didn’t talk about it or even write them down first, I just had my bucket list in my mind, such as ‘fall more deeply in love with my partner every day.... check, get marry to my best friend.... check. but now I needed to do it for our baby, he would never take his first step, meet a girl, settle down, graduate or give us great kids. What a challenge! I slowly began doing things, for that past few years, I ran in the Great North Run in his name, but


Nothing in the world can come close to the feeling of loss of a child. The guilt you hold in your heart for all those lost tomorrow burns deeper than a knife. Even three and a half years on I still live the event and wish I could have done something different or knew that he was going to leave us. All the what ifs and could have been hunt me daily

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