Father Rant

While a father a meant to put on an outward display of strength, inside we are as heartbroken as any parent would be over the loss of a child. We experience the same stages of grief as anyone else, even if we do not show it. However, society often focuses on the mother and meeting her needs, but fathers need support as well in order to heal from the loss of our child, and our need to be allowed to grieve on our terms.

Debate in the House of Commons

A day after the big debate in the House of Commons, and to say I felt a little odd. The call out of the blue from Antoinette Sandbach MP office asking for permission to use his story, made me proud that George isn’t forgot and some good may arise from such tragedy, the knowing my little boy’s story has touch the heart of others and the knowing that I am not alone. Mothers and Fathers around the world also fell the hurt and devastation effect of child loss. I sat and watch the debate and listened to our story being told, hearing the words being read out from another voice, knowing the suffering they also went through, I felt humbled that someone has not only read our story but also recognise

Bump in the Road of life

This morning at work, I was clearing away the shop floor, to do this, I needed to go through our clothing department, I happened to glance over to an open box sitting on the walkway, it was full box of Christmas pudding bobble hats ready for the Christmas event, this was the same type of hat that our baby George was wearing on the image I chose for his website, this just took me back, not for any other reason apart from I wasn’t expecting to see it. This one thing can fluster and disjoint a day, making progress come off the rails. Our new tomorrow hasn’t stopped with a thud, just stalled for a moment, I know from time to time life will spin a curve ball, these little events and glitches just

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