With the Christmas festivals still ringing in our ear, we start saying goodbye to the old year while welcoming in the new. I wish all who has read any part of our website a happy new year and hope they find your new norm and able to forgive yourself.

Angels in our arms

Drip feed the joys of the world from a commercial market, the same market who only see figures on a spreadsheet. I truly would like to see real compassion and not the mighty buck taking the lead. In this season were we celibate the birth of a baby, why do we over look all the baby we shall never meet, those who was born but we will never hold and those who we only see for such a short time. To many parents have a real feeling of loss around this time of year and still we know so little about why.

What!!! Xmas Joy

As Christmas ever tick closer, I have started seeing this time of year with a dread, how many jingle bell can you hear before going totally mad. It not Xmas I dislike, it more of the commercial slant that has been placed around it. As a parent with a child with wings, I will celebrate it with my family and living children, but remember the joy and hope our any angel brought to our life. #SIDS #ChildLoss

Not much Ho, Ho, Ho!!!

It hard to watch other families enjoy themselves around this time of year, reds and white decorations cover shop fronts, gloomy night lite up with millions of flashing fairy lights. The world rejoice the birth of one little boy who changed the world. All I want to do is grieve the passing our my little boy who change our lives for the better.

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