snowdrops & TEARDROPS

Last week of the display, we can take hope from knowing other like the work and felt it is thought provoking. Thank you to any one who has already been to view the exhibition and those who will be seeing it in the next few days, also thanks to anyone who couldn't see it live but visited my website and see it on-line.

Positive feedback

Called in again this month, it's good to read positive comments in the visitors book, they may only be a few but they are full of positive comments and mostly from people who I don't know. When you get so many good things said, you start believing the world isn't such a depressing place, the self-anger and needless self-blame seem to become less. Nothing will bring my baby boy back into our arms but knowing others feel the same way helps in some small way.

The Press

Yesterday the local news paper ran a story, the positive it brought George’s story and hopefully will bring in people/friends who wouldn’t has know about the display. Many of the pieces was shown in the paper and a small write up about the exhibition. In the next few weeks, I hope to read positive comments and feedback in the visitors book, this hopefully will give me an insight to what others may be thinking.

Snowdrops and TEARDROPS

Opening day of the exhibition and it is looking well organised, due to a few little issues we lost the AV display but at least that was such a small display and doesn’t distracted from the main work. Hopefully exhibition will get positive feed back and be a good platform for future events and displays. The local newspaper (Gazette) has got back to me over the artwork and will be running a story soon. I have viewed the south gallery to see how our two exhibitions complement each other, but sadly, they area looked a little rushed and not a great deal about child bereavement and SIDS are on display.

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