Tomorrow we are taking a little trip away, one more event that George would have changed, he would have enriched it with his winning and welcoming smile. My fond memories of him live with us always and may become clouded with our love we have for him. Our baby boy is in our hearts forever and will never wain with time.


This week, again has been more ups than downs, I am currently finding it hard to get out and run, the motivation seems to have passed me by, when I think the day is going well, I stop and remember how our lives would be so much better with little baby George in my arms. He was so much more than our baby, he was our future and as he would have began to grow and become a man he would have made us proud, as I am proud of all our children. The weeks are getting better and the lows are getting more bearable, I try to keep positive even so life has its way of slapping me in the face, so till the day comes when I remember George not only with all the love and happiness of his brief time we spent to

Feelings of Loss

This week has been a roller coaster, some days I feel fine while other days I just feel like a vail of darkness is engulfing my mind. I feel lost and each step I take forward leads to two back, will this madness that I am feeling ever go away or is it just my new norm and I need to wear this mask for others to see. Who said the feeling will subside and life will return to normal, there is always something in your mind make you stop and wish for just one more day. Our little boy came into our lives and shown us how devastating SIDs is and how our life remains in flux. #SIDs


Some days, I feel myself falling into the darkness of self-pity, that spirals out of control into the abyss of darkness. Only these few who lose a child of any age, knows the feeling of loss and hopelessness that child loss brings. It is very easy to allow the vail of darkness to swamp our dreams. Our baby George only had a short life but he filled each moment with his being and his being is what keeps his spirit alive in our hearts. Luckily the good days outweigh the bad and when I feel the darkness overwhelming, I have a loving family to bring me around, How easily SIDs destroyed lives and make you question the world.

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