Six Month Mile Stone


Today would have been George’s six month birthday, I know it silly but I want more from the day, maybe white doves released from every public park or black armbands worn by every pass-a-by. The hurt and suffering is around everywhere, it should be full of joy and rejoicing but instead it full of darkness and feeling of loss. I miss our little boy but I decided not to make a fuss or to be glum for the sake of others, always for others.... all I really want to do is shout from the roof tops, ‘why, oh why isn’t he here’. I’m ripping apart from the inside out, only my poor, long suffering wife really knows what I’m feeling and I can’t keep being down in the dumps for her sake.

Each day I wake up and hold back the tears knowing that our baby isn’t in our arms, I wonder what could have been and why us, The only thing keeping me going today is knowing in a couple of weeks I’m running in the Great Manchester for George, I am hoping to raise some much needed funds for some SIDs charities, maybe one day, George and every child like him would be given a fighting chance instead of this feeling of loss and hopelessness.

So sleep tight my baby boy, mummy and daddy miss you more and more each day xx

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