Stanley Park Fun Run

Today, the whole family were walking in a family fun run around Stanley park, we all were there to enjoy the sunshine and being around others while promoting SIDs and not to break any records. I was wearing one of my ‘Doing It For GEORGE’ running shirts.

I talked to a few people while I was there, some asked how we are coping, some still felt uncomfortable talking about George while others just calmly put their size nines in the mouth, so why do some people not think while others think to much. A friend of mine, quite out of the blue, told me that babies look like their fathers, this is to stop them being murdered by their dads, this was an unbelievable thing to say, don’t worry, I didn’t knock him out or pound him into the ground. I just turned away, even so my blood started to boil.

Losing my son broke my heart and I blame myself each and everyday, I wish for him to be back in my arms.

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