Our Children

Both Sebbie and Lizzie still talk about baby George, maybe a little too much, they chat about him and how he is in heaven. They know he is still a big part of our family and how in his short time with us he made things better. I’m not to sure what Toby thinks, I hope he remembers something about him, even if it is just one small thing about him he can cherish, then he isn’t just a picture on the wall.

The older children rarely say anything at all, Eddie can be a closed book and will open up when he is ready, while Harry was lucky enough to get all the help he needed from his friend and school, he however began to play on it and use George as an excuse to wag a lesson or two, but we think that has stopped after Sarah had a word with him about it. With Daryl being a little older, I think he is a lot more sensitive than we give credit to, he drove to George’s grave to lay some flowers and say a few words. It is very hard to know what Anna lis feeling, as she lives away in Manchester and only speaks on the phone.

Should we be more worried about the silence of the older ones or how the younger siblings don’t really understand. Both Sarah and I miss him so much, even the heartache of hearing his name is can’t spoil knowing that our children knew and loved our perfect baby George

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