Snowdrop Gathering

This years Snowdrop gathering took place at Lytham hall, the memorial service was full of broken faces who has had their dream shattered into a million pieces, the lost moments of their lives, destroyed and laid bear for the world to see. We all gathered together memorializing our lost tomorrows, all with stories of pain and hopelessness.

Dueling the service a group came in from the cold carrying coffees, like late comers at the cinema, as they were ushered in, the young man sat spread eagled and began to check out his Facebook page. I don’t know, is it just me or am I over reacting, if he didn’t want to be there, stay downstairs in the cafe.

The service continued and we lit candles before releasing balloons into the cold afternoon sky, I’m glad we turned up and was able to reflect about our baby George, he is so missed by the whole family

#snowdrop #SIDs

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