I lost my baby boy just after the New Year festivities 2015, everything happened so very quick, even so I relive that moments over and over again in my mind, when I close my eyes, I watched myself trying in vain to bring him back to us, trying to breathe life back into his lungs, trying to make live once more. I question everything and why! He was a healthy boy and there wasn’t any reason, I spent so much time wishing something was different or that I was taken and not George. Why, oh why is the world so unjust.

Look into my eyes and you can see an empty sole where love once flourished, SIDs has taken so much away from us, it’s more than just losing George, it is losing a part of my being. So for now I wear a mask for everyone to see were everything is fine and nothing gets me down, the truth is behind the smile are tears and sadness. So next time you see me and ask me how I am doing, don’t let me reply fine.

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