Running in the GNR

I need to get motivated and back into running, each day I leave it, is another day that is lost. I need to put foot to pavement and start building up strength for the task ahead. I am currently out of action with some sort of insect bite, but this will not stop me as I’m doing the run for George, if I go to an event and I reach out to just one person and they ask about George, that will keep his name and memory alive.

This September, Eddie will be running in the Junior Great North and I will be ‘doing it for George’ the following day by competing in the Great North Run. Our aim over these couple of days is to raise the profile of SIDs, by getting other people talking and to keep George’s memory alive, the fundraised part of the day, will be given to Lullaby Trust so they can support other families and research into why SIDs is such a terrible unexplained baby killer.

George was with us for such a short time and I guess people soon forget, and the world turns, I will not forget him and what he gave to our lives. Each day George is with me in everything I do and everywhere I go, so even if you see me pounding the street, know that each step I take I’m ‘Doing It For GEORGE’

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