Bump in the Road of life

This morning at work, I was clearing away the shop floor, to do this, I needed to go through our clothing department, I happened to glance over to an open box sitting on the walkway, it was full box of Christmas pudding bobble hats ready for the Christmas event, this was the same type of hat that our baby George was wearing on the image I chose for his website, this just took me back, not for any other reason apart from I wasn’t expecting to see it. This one thing can fluster and disjoint a day, making progress come off the rails.

Our new tomorrow hasn’t stopped with a thud, just stalled for a moment, I know from time to time life will spin a curve ball, these little events and glitches just make us stronger and the heartache only reinforce that how much each day the hurt remains. Nothing every can repair the hole in my sole that losing George left and nothing every should.

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