Happiness in the sorrow

It is easy to write a blog filled full of sadness and forget about all the positives and indeed, I feel the loss of George daily and I know I will always live with the guilt of a parent of a child in heaven, but interweaved is a happiness.

I sometime watch the younger children play, they would talk about ‘baby George’ with such happiness and pride. I am always shocked how they frequently mention him when I least expect it. As parents, we don’t hide George’s memories away or have a shrine where no-one is allowed touch but instead we talk about him freely and open.

One of the things about SIDS is that you never know what happen and the biggest question ‘WHY?’ Your mind relives every moment of the last day over and over again, you need more than being told ‘he just forgot to breve’ or ‘it’s just one of those things that happen’.

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