Snowdrop Gathering

This years Snowdrop gathering took place at Lytham hall, the memorial service was full of broken faces who has had their dream shattered into a million pieces, the lost moments of their lives, destroyed and laid bear for the world to see. We all gathered together memorializing our lost tomorrows, all with stories of pain and hopelessness. Dueling the service a group came in from the cold carrying coffees, like late comers at the cinema, as they were ushered in, the young man sat spread eagled and began to check out his Facebook page. I don’t know, is it just me or am I over reacting, if he didn’t want to be there, stay downsta


Why are we left so broken? Each day there is something that will make me stop and think of George, it maybe just a feather on the ground, a snowdrop blossoming or a baby crying. Will this pain of his loss ever go away or am I going to spend wishing he was in our loving arms. Missing you my baby boy xx

The Spiral of Darkness

Things this week seems harder then normal, I feel at times I’m in a mess and nothing is going my way. I watch others and see their lives just fall perfect, while we have to live this eternal hell, why was we chosen to lose our baby boy, why did he have to leave our side. We was told that he was taken and will never feel any pains, no toothaches whiles we are the unlucky ones who suffer daily. George I miss you so much and i just want to stop the world from turning to let me off so we can be together once more.

Valentines Ball

Last night Sarah and I went to the Donna’s Dream House Valentines Ball, part of me wanted not to have been there, sitting with hundreds of faces, don’t they all know how my heart breaks daily, my little boy has gone and nothing can bring him back. Sorry if it sounds ungrateful as the Donna’s Charity is very worthwhile and does so much for local community and charities around the country, and if it wasn’t for Len supporting Snowdrop where would we have been. We had a great time and let our hair down, and for what it was worth I did talk to people about George and what I want to do in his name. Len started their charity after his loss of Donna and what he has achieved in that time is amazing a

Each day the hurt remains

Each morning when I wake, I remember my little boy, and each night I wonder how I reach the end of the day without breaking down, It's not always true that time heals all wounds, there are wounds and heartache that you don't want to heal. The memories of something really special stays with us in all our living moments as we long to be together once more. Missing you alway xx

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