Sleep Tight

The unbridled grief of losing our beautiful baby boy shortly after Christmas destroyed our world and began killing me slowly from inside, each step that I take forward, I feel that something is ready to knock me back two more. Each day, I live with the “what if’s and could of been's” never wanting to believe that he has gone and just wanting to hold him close to me once more, at the same time knowing his time was short and his passing filled me full of grief and bitterness of life it self. When you have a child in heaven you live your time in limbo between here and there, trying not to allow the hurt to grind you down and become a shadow of what you are. When a parent loses a child, it is a

Losing George

Yesterday it was my birthday, along with all the joy and happiness was the realisations that George is not here to share the day with me. Each and every day I miss George and nothing in this world could make losing him right, no parent should every go through the pain of losing a child. Some days it can still sneak up on you and take your breath away. Grief never dies, just like the love you once shared. I miss my baby George #SIDs

Wings of an angel

The pain I feel each and every day never subside, it become bearable as I learn to live with his lose. Every day I want to hold him tight and wake from this bad dream. George remain in my heart and dreams forever. George your wings was ready but my heart was not. #SIDs

Never ending

Why do bad things happen to those who's life feels at it end, sometimes when I think life can’t throw anything else at our little family, I suddenly get slapped straight between the eyes and shown my place in life. Yesterday, sometime between twelve thirty and two pm, as I took my youngest two children to their nursery before going for a practice run as I am training for a charity long distance event to raise must needed money for SIDs, someone decided to break into our side alleyway and steel four of our bikes, these included two of the children bikes as well as my wife’s with a baby seat and my transport to get me to and from work. Don’t these thieves have any morals or care of others. Now

Time, like Grains of Sand

Waking up each morning and knowing your not there, its not right and its not fair. Why should we feel this sorrow and sadness when around us we see families dragging up their children like an unwanted puppy. Each day I want to hold you tight and never let you go and each day I wish we could have spent more time together then this fleeting moment in time. My life now is full of what ifs and could of beens, nothing can compare with the sadness I feel daily, if is only down to my loving wife and family that keeps me going to the end of the day. Every night I go into the younger children’s rooms, just to watch them breathe and each night, I wish I was tucking you in bed. George, you are my reas

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