Not A Day Pass When

There is not a day that pass, that I don’t think about George. I wish he was here, and that I could hold him tight. The heartache at times feel unbearable and there is not a magic pill that could stop this feeling. Both Sarah and I find strength each day to carry on, we know in our heart that we are so lucky to have been parents to our darling baby boy, this doesn't stop the feeling of loss. Missing you my George

A Week Since going Live

One week since I let this site go live, it sound so easy to do and everything has been ready for so, so long, I just didn’t want to put my feelings out for the world to see. Now everyone hopefully will understand just a little how George affected everything from the moment we wake to we close our eyes at night. George we miss you and the pain remains strong

One Year On Since We Said Our Last Good Bye

One year ago, I walked down the church nave carrying my son in his little white coffin, as I walked past each pew packed full of faces, my heart broke a little more. Each and every second that has past since, I miss him more and more, all our dreams of him lost forever and nothing in the world could put things right. Good night my little beautiful boy, one day we will be together once more, but until then play with the angels

One Year On and My Heart is Still Breaking

Today is one year since George passed away, many things in our life have changed but one thing that remains constant, is our love for our darling baby boy. So many people say that time is a great healer, well that is just nonsense, anyone who has gone through the devastating loss of a child, knows how your heart never mends and you find yourself thinking what could have been and why is fate so hurtful. Our new tomorrows without George has change who we are and our thinking of the world and people in it. We have lost so much but we also gained so much while George was in our lives. I miss our baby so much, more at this special day

New Years Day

As the echos of the Christmas carrels disappear into the distance, I find myself living a living death sentence, as Ebenezer’s chain held him down, I find my chains of sorrow grow each day as my heart breaks over and over again. Lizzie was very upset today, she told her mum that she miss George and wanted to know when she would die so she could be with him once more, what can you say, how strong must I be, all I wont to do is break down and sob, this is not right

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