Time, like Grains of Sand

Waking up each morning and knowing your not there, its not right and its not fair. Why should we feel this sorrow and sadness when around us we see families dragging up their children like an unwanted puppy. Each day I want to hold you tight and never let you go and each day I wish we could have spent more time together then this fleeting moment in time.

My life now is full of what ifs and could of beens, nothing can compare with the sadness I feel daily, if is only down to my loving wife and family that keeps me going to the end of the day. Every night I go into the younger children’s rooms, just to watch them breathe and each night, I wish I was tucking you in bed.

George, you are my reason and my purpose, I just wish you was here and I could wake up to find that your passing was a figment of my mind. I am broken and wish the darkness could end.

So wish me luck and the courage to reach the end of each day till we are together once more


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