Stanley Park Fun Run

Today, the whole family were walking in a family fun run around Stanley park, we all were there to enjoy the sunshine and being around others while promoting SIDs and not to break any records. I was wearing one of my ‘Doing It For GEORGE’ running shirts. I talked to a few people while I was there, some asked how we are coping, some still felt uncomfortable talking about George while others just calmly put their size nines in the mouth, so why do some people not think while others think to much. A friend of mine, quite out of the blue, told me that babies look like their fathers, this is to stop them being murdered by their dads, this was an unbelievable thing to say, don’t worry, I didn’t kn

So many ways to miss you.

How can I stop this hurt and feeling of loss, every time I feel I should smile, I just miss you more. To many times, people say that “time heals all wounds”, well it doesn't. My little man, I want to hold you in my arms, one more time and tell you how much we love you and miss you being with us. Mummy and daddy think of you always, we often notice tears from each other and feel we should be strong. You are always in our thought and dreams. Daddy xx #SIDs

Life without you don't seem right

How can this be real, I’m I stuck in a dream not able to wake, your gone and there is nothing I can do? Baby George how can you of been with us for such a short time and left such a void in our hearts, so many times I see the unfairness of the world with children being dragged up with parents who don’t seem to care, while you lift us to muddle on alone. I so sorry I just miss holding you and feeling your breath as you sleep in my arms. Till we are together once more, I miss you and love you till the end of time. daddy xx

Just Scream

I feel like Edvard Munch’s Scream, nothing feels real any more, I can be in a room with a hundred people but still feel alone. This mask that I wear that shows everything is ok, is just too much at times, I can hear myself saying to friends :yes, we’re coping fine, it’s just....”, its not fine and its not ok,

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