Colour Splash

Today a number of friends ran for George, It good to know that he lives on in peoples memories and others are helping to raise awareness of how SIDs destroy lives. Thanks to everyone who helped and ran the Trinity Colour Splash in George’s name.

Dear George

My little man, I miss you so much. I know that mummy also wishes you was still with us and we both still shed a tear or two when the other one isn’t looking. I sometime just needlessly sit and sob, why do I miss you so. A few days ago I bumped into a friend that I haven’t seen in months and ask how you was doing, a lump came to my throat, when I told them that you was gone. You have left a big hold in my life which can’t be filled. I still fell lost and alone, mummy is very good knowing when I’m sad and tells me to snap out of it and I will try and do the same for her. One day we will be together once more, Daddy xx

Out of the Blue

This week has been quite positive, as a number of friends from the children centre as asked if they could run for George at this years colour splash fun run, It is good knowing that he is in other peoples hearts and minds. Thank you


What a mess I feel inside, no-one even notice the pain in my eyes any more. The hustle and bustle of the world just keep turning. Today I walked Lizzie and Sebbo to nursery while pushing Toby in the pram, nothing out of the ordinary there, Things was fine and the day was hot and sunny. In my lonely and it might as well be storm clouds and rain. George one day we will be together once more, Daddy xx

Six Months on and the pain still lingers

Today my heart is breaking, to think my little boy isn’t in our arms. Nothing can or will ever replace him. How am I holding it together, keeping strong for others and showing to the world that things are getting better with time, but behind that mask lay a broken sole, my tears and the hurt are visible to only the closest as I watch others move on with their lives. George how could you leave and how could you be gone. Everyday I miss you, just wanting to hold you tight. Nothing can explain the hurt I have inside, Mummy and Daddy just miss you so much. Mummy and Daddy miss you xxx

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