Oh George

Missing our little man each day, our new norm still doesn’t truly fit, we have tried hard to be strong and do things to let our George be proud of us as we was proud of him. Each morning he is in our thoughts. How can anyone know what we are going through, each night I find myself going up to the babies room to make sure I can feel their breath, not knowing what I will find, I also find myself hugging them more, just wishing George was with us again. Missing you more each day xx

Lizzie's Birthday Wish

It’s Lizzie’s Birthday today and a part of me, wants to be by George’s grave. The sands of time tick on and things around us change, as our baby George sleeps with the angels. It wasn’t all balloons and presents, both Sarah and I kept strong for the kids, trying hard not to become down and sad. Lizzie even asked about baby George and if we are going to have a party for him, she said we should thank George for choosing us, she maybe only five but sometimes know the right things to say. Night, Night George, we all miss you so much

The Days Pass By

From the moment I lost George, a part of my sole died. I still spend hours, just thinking about him and if I could have stopped this horrible thing from happening. This self anger tears my sole apart as I look into the precipice of self pity, at times wanting to be covered by the shroud of darkness. Each day I remain on this mortal coil called life, I will be missing my little boy and if by chance you see me with a tear in my eyes, let me know its okay not to be okay.

Another Month Over

Another month has past without George, plans I had for him has disappeared like dreams in the night, We only had such a short time together. The whole family miss that little boy and miss him dearly. Each day I feel his passing and want to hold him close again. George we miss you so much, Sweet dreams till we are together once more.

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