Sands of Time

You never know from day to day how you are going to be feeling, some days are bearable and problems just ride over you whiles other days the littlest thing will bring the world crashing around you and the dark storm clouds seem to engulf your days.

Nothing in the world can destroy you as much as losing a child and when he was so perfect and would have been so loved by all his family. Our baby had his whole life in front of him and his short life full of love. When I tried in vain to bring our baby back too us, I never realise how every breath I gave him, broke my heart just a little more. Some days I just want to lay next to him, close my eyes and take my last breath, the only thing that keeps me going is my beautiful wife and loving family.

The other day was my older daughter’s birthday, this was another reminder that the world keeps turning and the rest of us grows older with each passing of a grain of sand through the hourglass of time, while in our heart George will always remain our baby forever. Each day we relive the event of that day and each night I still repeatedly check on our younger children. Our life is shattered, but as we pick up the pieces we learn to live once more.


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