Years of sorrow

Since George left our side things haven’t gone so well. The first year, our close friend and god parent to George’s Bother passed away due to cancer. visiting her in hospital brought back the pain and memories of losing our angel.

The following year, my mother passed away. Even before her death, it became hard to see her, the pain of George was constant, not just for us but also for her. I felt she never truly got over the loss and faded away. In the last few days where her was emitted to hospital and having to see her get weaker and weaker each day and not being able to help, brought back the pain.

This year the unthinkable happen as my wife got unwell and was close to death, I tried to keep strong for the kids, but in the back of my mind was what happened in the last few year. but her now on the mend and fingers crossed getting better.

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