Our Little Saint George

Unlike the story, our baby George didn't slay any dragons or fight the tyranny of the great Roman empire, but instead our darling prince melted our hearts giving us hope and joy. His life may of been short but his legacy will live on in our hearts. George arrived early giving the family an extra week to love him, on the day he past away he also smiled for the first time letting his mum and myself know things will be fine. George has completely changed our perception of life, he has taught us the value of family and friends, and to never take anyone, or anything for granted. He brought our family together, he has shown us a love which is greater then any we have ever experienced, the unconditional love for a child. He has also shown us strength in ourselves which we never knew we had. George has given us the determination to NEVER GIVE UP! So on the next St George’s day think of our baby son and all our special children smiling at us from the stars.

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