Valentines Ball

Last night Sarah and I went to the Donna’s Dream House Valentines Ball, part of me wanted not to have been there, sitting with hundreds of faces, don’t they all know how my heart breaks daily, my little boy has gone and nothing can bring him back. Sorry if it sounds ungrateful as the Donna’s Charity is very worthwhile and does so much for local community and charities around the country, and if it wasn’t for Len supporting Snowdrop where would we have been.

We had a great time and let our hair down, and for what it was worth I did talk to people about George and what I want to do in his name. Len started their charity after his loss of Donna and what he has achieved in that time is amazing and if in the future I can give my support and in some ways learn from him I will do so.

George, each day I miss you more and each day the hurt of your passing greater than the last.

#SIDs #DonnaDreamHouse

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