Never ending

Why do bad things happen to those who's life feels at it end, sometimes when I think life can’t throw anything else at our little family, I suddenly get slapped straight between the eyes and shown my place in life.

Yesterday, sometime between twelve thirty and two pm, as I took my youngest two children to their nursery before going for a practice run as I am training for a charity long distance event to raise must needed money for SIDs, someone decided to break into our side alleyway and steel four of our bikes, these included two of the children bikes as well as my wife’s with a baby seat and my transport to get me to and from work. Don’t these thieves have any morals or care of others. Now what is the point in replacing them they will only get nicked again.

Our life is in shatters and each day is a task even doing the most simplest things, this feels like another kick in the teeth.

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