Sleep Tight

The unbridled grief of losing our beautiful baby boy shortly after Christmas destroyed our world and began killing me slowly from inside, each step that I take forward, I feel that something is ready to knock me back two more. Each day, I live with the “what if’s and could of been's” never wanting to believe that he has gone and just wanting to hold him close to me once more, at the same time knowing his time was short and his passing filled me full of grief and bitterness of life it self.

When you have a child in heaven you live your time in limbo between here and there, trying not to allow the hurt to grind you down and become a shadow of what you are.

When a parent loses a child, it is a long and emotional journey. It starts from the day they pass away, leaving our loving arms to play with the angels and will only end when it is time for us to join them once again.

So sleep tight my beautiful angel boy, we miss you so, so much... Daddy xx


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