Rushed In

As day follows night, I will always miss my little boy. This week, like so many, has been a little strange, for a start I was rushed into the hospital with chest pains and a suspected heart attack, I felt fine but didn’t get to choose to stay at home when the ambulance arrived, the pains was bearable if not a little uncomfortable. In the back of my mind I wasn’t worried, each day I feel the pain of losing George and some days I just don’t want to carry on. Selfishly I felt if it was my time to go I would be together once more with my little boy, don’t get me wrong, I love my family and kids and would not want to leave them. Sarah and I live each day in a hell on earth, just wanting our baby back in our arms, we just need to tell him how much we miss him. So if you ever wonder are we fine, just know we have our ups and downs, our new norm still doesn’t always fit right but we fettle through.

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