Talking about George

There is never a moment I will stop loving or thinking about my son George, just as a parent of a child who is living would always love theirs. It is an unconditional love and will always be there and will last forever. Is it any wonder that I want to hear his name the same as any parent wants to talk about their children? The only different is George live in heaven and talking about him is unfortunately quite a taboo in our culture and others feel uncomfortable hearing about a child who has left us so soon, that doesn’t stop me wanting to say his name and sharing his love and light everywhere I go.

When I talk about him they maybe a tear in my eyes and a crook in my voice, but I am so proud he spent his short life on earth in our caring and loving arms. Our son may have been in our arms for such a short time but his love lives on forever.

So for now I miss holding you close and telling you how much I care and miss you, but till the day we can be together once more sleep tight my baby boy.


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