Clearing up

On Tuesday, Sarah and I felt it was time to declutter the house, it wasn’t the first time and sure it won’t be the last, each time we manage to find the strength to get rid of things, it’s hard not to allow the house to become a monument and keep all the useless things just because and this time it was the turn of couple of things, this time it was his cot bed and his pram. We have tried in the past to give it to a charity but every time it was going something got in the way, these things has been just being sitting on the way gathering dust, so finally we took given away the cot bed to a local charity, the day after me took the pram to the recycle centre, it felt right that someone could get used.

I found it hard at first, giving away things that George used but it was time and these are just things, not George and certainly not what made him who he was. We found out the recycling centre last year gave what they made from selling on these items went to a local SIDs charity. There is comfort knowing that someone else would be using them once more, we are not getting rid of George’s memory or forgetting him, these are just things that needed go.

George, we miss you and still cry a river from time to time, this is a long and winding road we have to travel and we have a long way to go.

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