I'm doing fine

I could lie and say I’m doing fine, I could hide behind my smile and tell the world thats things are ok, each day that passes since George past away, I find a million more reasons why I miss him and a million more why he left our side. It still doesn’t make any sense and truly not fair, even being told by a tearful consultant that he was a healthy and beautiful baby boy who just forgot to breathe, only added to the frustration that losing our baby angel to SIDs will cause.

In many ways, we were so lucky to have baby George and to be given the gift of spending time in the living world with him, this also leads to bitterness knowing that we will never watch him grow or spend any more time with him, letting him know how much we love him and how proud we are to call him our son.

Now that the other children have either gone to school or in full time nursery, this only makes the house seem a little more empty than before, especially when I should have been spending so much QT with our baby George. These lost moments are all gone and lost forever unlike the true love that only a parent have for their child.

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